Job Developer

Start Date

April 3, 2024

Job Developers have an important role to play in helping candidates (i.e., job-seeking clients) find meaningful employment and creating strong partnerships with employers; they make a crucial link between the agencies supporting candidates and the local business community. Job Developers need to be equipped to support diverse candidates while also meeting the needs of employers. This course will outline best practices in job development including understanding diverse candidates, preparing candidates for employment, making effective candidate-employer matches, maintaining effective relationships with employers, and dealing with challenges and concerns that may arise.

“This course was wonderful. It introduced me to so many aspects of Job Developing that I didn’t know existed before and also pushed me to think outside the box for any type of employment. The methods used in Job Development are very easily transferred over into many aspects of everyday life and I very much appreciate that. I think that any professional working in employment support would benefit from this course.”       – Anonymous, Job Developer Student


Additional Information

Required Texts:

Borgen, R. A. (Ed.). (2021). Career development for diverse clients: Beyond the basics. Cognella. Available in e-book.

Wyckoff, L., & Clymer, C. (2005). Job development essentials: A guide for job developers (2nd ed.). Public/Private Ventures. Free download.