Helping Skills to Facilitate Career Development

Start Date

September 25, 2024

Participants will develop or enhance counselling, coaching, and other interpersonal communication skills to a paraprofessional level.


Additional Information

Required Texts:

Shepard, B. C., & Mani, P. S. (Eds.) (2014). Career development practice in Canada. CERIC. (eBook or Print available fromĀ CERIC).

  • Note: The Shepard & Mani (2014) textbook is a required reading throughout the Career Management Professional Program. Students taking individual courses, therefore, may only refer to a chapter or two; however, this resource is a wonderful addition to your professional toolkit.
  • Note: TheĀ Developing a Helping Relationship (NCDA, 2015) required text is no longer available.

Optional Text:
Magnusson, K. (2020). Career helping: Harnessing perspective and emotion in everyday practice. Septembre. (printed book available through Amazon or Septembre).