Ethics Refresher

Start Date

November 18, 2024, September 9, 2024

Building from Ethics Primer or previous training in counselling/psychotherapy ethics, this follow-up, facilitated online course will dig deeper, exploring best practices for ethical counselling according to CCPA’s code of ethics and standards of practice. Students will discuss ethical “grey areas” in current counselling practice; course activities will require personal reflection about values, culture, context, and decision-making processes as ethical knowledge is translated to practice through working with real and hypothetical scenarios.  

“The course was comprehensive, challenging and paced well with an instructor who provided specific feedback and posed great questions to keep discussions going or to challenge our thinking which was much appreciated.”      – Anonymous, Ethics Refresher Student


Additional Information

Required Texts: 

Sorsdahl, M. N., Borgen, R. A., & Borgen, W. A. (Eds.) (2023). Ethics in a Canadian counselling and psychotherapy context. Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

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Note: This text replaces Canadian counselling and psychotherapy experience: Ethics-based issues and cases (Martin, Shepard, & Lehr, 2015). If you have purchased the older text between May 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023, please contact CCPA ( for a replacement, free of charge.