Case Manager

Start Date

September 4, 2024

Case management is a process that facilitates client access to appropriate services and supports. This course is designed to equip case managers to conduct needs assessments, conceptualize cases, prioritize client needs, collaborate with clients to develop action plans and select interventions, and follow-up to ensure clients have achieved their identified goals. The course will also provide tips and techniques for managing time, systems, and data including case notes and documentation, regardless of the data management system – essential competencies for all case managers.

“Time is precious to me and I felt that everything in this course was laid out in such a way that one could progress through the learning activities with ease, and that if questions arose that there was a plan in place to attend to them. I really enjoyed it and found this course to be the most applicable and useful training that I have had thus far!” – L. Lorraine Cockrum, Case Manager Student


Additional Information

Required Text:

Pickerell, D. A., & Neault, R. A. (2016). So you want to be a case manager? A career practitioners toolkit. Life Strategies

Free PDF available at or purchase a printed version through Life Strategies’ online store.