Career Recovery: Thriving Through Hope and Action – Group Work

Start Date

November 1, 2022

Take ownership of your career development through this personal, reflective journey. Explore possibilities, connecting what is most important to you with the career challenges of today and tomorrow. Using a combination of resources, activities, and self-reflections, this workshop supports the implementation of a hope-action mindset ensuring passion, talent, and purpose are intentionally (and continuously) integrated into work, life, and learning endeavors.

This Group Work option, you will have access to the workshop for three months, as well as a coaching session and two live group sessions. It is an ideal option for those going through a major career transition or recovering from a challenging career setback. The coaching and group sessions will provide you with the support you need to create a strategic career recovery plan that allows you to move forward with a deeper understanding of what matters to you and what you can do to achieve success and fulfillment in this stage of your life.

New cohorts start the first of every month.


Additional Information

Required Text:

Niles, S., Amundson, N., Neault, R., & Yoon, H .J., (2021). Career recovery: Creating hopeful careers in
difficult times (eBook or Print available from Cognella)