Administering and Interpreting Career Assessments

Start Date

March 20, 2024, November 20, 2024

This course provides an overview of several assessment tools commonly used to facilitate career decision-making (i.e., tools that assess skills interests, values, and personal style), including assessment selection, administration, interpretation, and integration of results. In addition, this course will consider the assessment process. Participants in the course are expected to purchase a package of assessment tools for use during the course. The focus of this course is on “A” level assessment tools (i.e., tools that do not require graduate level training in statistics and psychometrics). Commonly used “B” level assessment tools (i.e., those that require specialized training or a graduate degree in psychology) will also be introduced. However, it is important to note that completion of this course will not qualify participants to administer/interpret “B” level assessment tools.

“This provides a great practical perspective of career assessments and the considerations that should be made when using them. There’s a lot to think about and this did a really good job of highlighting that.”       – Anonymous, CMPP Student


Additional Information

Required Texts:

Shepard, B. C., & Mani, P. S. (Eds.) (2014). Career development practice in Canada. CERIC. (eBook or Print available from CERIC).

  • Note: The Shepard & Mani (2014) textbook is a required reading throughout the Career Management Professional Program. Students taking individual courses, therefore, may only refer to a chapter or two; however, this resource is a wonderful addition to your professional toolkit.

Self-Assessment Package from Life Strategies

Optional Text:

For this course, students will be able to choose one of the additional texts. Choose Career Flow and Development for more general educational and career planning Ips, strategies, and supports. Choose Career Recovery for more targeted supports for those navigating career transitions within a post pandemic world. The content of both books is very similar; the vignettes and activities are customized to resonate with the different purposes for each book. Course readings will be mapped to the appropriate chapter numbers for each book.

Select one of:
Niles, S., Amundson, N., Neault, R., & Hyung, J. Y. (2021). Career flow and development: Hope in action (2nd ed.). Cognella.
Niles, S., Amundson, N., Neault, R., & Hyung, J. Y. (2021). Career recovery: Creating hopeful careers in difficult times . Cognella.